I always knew our state association was there for me if I ran into a problem with a local jurisdiction or regulatory agency. But, I never expected them to have to intercede on my behalf when I actually renovated an old house and deck fully to code. A local official notified me that I’d have to redo my work and modify the railing height (below code requirements) on the deck so that it looked just like it did 100 years ago. My customer didn’t want to endanger guests and family members and I rebuilt the deck the way they wanted it done. But since the house was in an historic district, an overzealous local bureaucrat was going to force me to incur several thousand dollars of costs to redo everything. Our state association went to work on my behalf. HBA Michigan’s legal counsel sent a letter to the city advising them that even though the house was in a historic district, code requirements for the deck could not be altered without significant justification (including a study showing how safety would otherwise be protected among other things). The city backed down. My membership saved me invaluable time and money.

Jack VanderMeulen, VanderMeulen Builders
Jack Vander Meulen

The Lakeshore HBA has been an invaluable resource to the Bouwkamp Builder team for more than 30 years. Membership provides top level support for marketing builders as well as associates through various events including the Lakeshore Parade of Homes. They also include up-to-date and relevant educational opportunities for all aspects of the building industry from code updates to industry trends and economic projections for our community. We are grateful and privileged to have such a dedicated HBA in our community.

Randy Bouwkamp, President of Bouwkamp Builders, Inc.
Randy Bouwkamp