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Enter a Home in the Parade

HBA Parade of Homes

June 2-4 & 10-11, 2022


Lakeshore HBA Parade of Homes BUILDER REGISTRATION

Ready to have your homes showcased in this season’s Parade of Homes? Review the information below!


Click Here to Enter a Home

You will then be prompted to create a one-time login profile.  This will help you edit your own company profile that Parade guests will see. As you proceed with entering, your information will auto-save, so you may return later to complete. You will receive a notification checklist on what information is still needed every time you log in. Once all information is entered, you will be prompted to submit the entry.

Note: All entries include 15 professional photos. New home entries also include an enhanced video tour (60-90 second ground & aerial video, includes aerial photos)-400 value.

After selecting optional add-ons, a total will be shown in your cart for reference, but payments must be submitted directly to the HBA via check or via email using the hard copy payment page. The entry payment form must be submitted via email to or in-person to the HBA.

If you would like to set up a time to complete with an HBA staff member in-person or over the phone, please contact us prior to the deadlines.

March 18 | Regular Rate Deadline

April 1  | Late Rate Deadline *All home information due + late fee will apply


What We Need from YOU…

1- Online entry (see above) due by March 18, 2022.

2- Payment by check or hard copy payment page (if paying by credit card- processing fees apply).

$500 deposit required at time of entry. Full payment must be received by March 18, 2022. Deposit is refundable until March 18.

3- Please Review and Initial Page 2 of the Requirements, Rules and Regulations Builder Agreement by March 18.

4- Complete the Subcontractor Form (or this may be completed online via the online entry form- you do not need to complete both) by April 1.
5- Turn in the Homeowner Agreement by April 1.
6- Email proof of liability insurance with "Lakeshore HBA" as additional insured on policy (one million) to


General Pricing Information:


  • NEW HOME ENTRY: $1,950  (includes 15 professional photos plus an enhanced video tour (60-90 second ground & aerial video, with aerial photos- $400 value!)
    SECOND UNIT IN THE SAME DEVELOPMENT: $750 (includes 15 professional photos)
    *Builder entering an additional unit in the same development can add a unit for $750. Professional video is only included for one of the homes entered. Entries will be listed on the same page in the guidebook. This entry is intended to showcase slight variations in units available.


  • NEW HOME ENTRY (2nd home): $1,550  (includes 15 professional photos plus an enhanced video tour (60-90 second ground & aerial video, with aerial photos- $400 value!)


  • NEW HOME ENTRY (3rd home+): $1,400  (includes 15 professional photos plus an enhanced video tour (60-90 second ground & aerial video, with aerial photos- $400 value!)


  • REMODEL OR "HARD HAT" ENTRY: $1,000  (includes 15 professional photos- $100 value!)
    Submit a home remodel or "behind the scenes", educational aspect, of building a new home with a "Hard Hat Parade Entry" (or home in-progress). The Parade Committee is excited to be able to take an exciting spin at the supply issues we're facing by allowing homeowners to visit homes that are near completion. Homeowners will be aware of which homes are "under construction" or "Hard Hat Entries". It is assumed, that the guests through these homes would be quality prospects, as they're clearly interested in not only the finished product, but the building process.
    * Homes will be far enough along that they're not a safety hazard (a few weeks shy of completion).


  • VIRTUAL HOME ENTRY: $1,400 (includes 15 professional photos plus an enhanced video tour (60-90 second ground & aerial video, with aerial photos- $400 value!)

10% discount for first-time Parade builders

HBA membership is $635 annually and includes membership to the HBA of Michigan and National Association of Home Builders. Non-Member Parade Home builders may join as a new member for $325 if their membership is paid at the time of Parade entry payment.

Volunteer staffing {limited availability} available for $500 or staffing by HBA supplier is highly encouraged

Additional photo/video/3D walk-thru options available for add-on


Parade Builder Discounts: CLICK HERE

Parade of Homes Tool-Kit Graphics: STAY TUNED here for these below!

  • Social Media Post
  • Social Media Story
  • Facebook Cover
  • Giveaway

Parade Advertising Opportunities: 

Do you want to reach thousands interested in building or renovating their homes? The Parade's Official GUIDE BOOK and website are available online during and post-Parade.

Parade Builders may upgrade to a 2-page spread (value $3,225!) for just $400. This would include a full page listing (instead of the included 1/2 page) plus full page ad (on the other side of the spread- making it an impactful, 2 page open spread) with some flexibility on the maximum word count. They may use the full page listing to increase their description and/or to incorporate a company tagline, an additional image, or article.

Builders, not in the Parade this year? Click Here to view Guide Pricing and Specs.

View previous Parade Guide Here.

FEATURED BUILDER SPONSORSHIP (4- current. 2- after Parade until 2023): $500
Builder company will be featured on the homepage of the event's official website,, under a "Featured Builder" headline with photo/video and link to the company website the first or second weekend of the event. Featured Builder company will also be shared with an ad/video or interview on the Parade of Homes facebook event page with over 3,000 followers.
Limited to four builders during the event (two the first weekend and two the second weekend). Builders may choose to be a Featured Builder (limited to two) after the Parade for $500 and this will stay on the Parade website following the 2022 Parade until 2023.

Parade "Coming Soon" Listing

The "Coming Soon" listing is a new feature, launched by the Lakeshore HBA, that will offer a sneak peek at projects coming available in late 2022 and into 2023. These will be lots, builds, and/or neighborhoods and will NOT be finished or almost finished, as they will NOT be toured during the Parade. The "Coming Soon" entries/listings are an advertisement to announce your upcoming projects!

Maximize your new projects' exposure to the market by advertising your property well in advance. This approach is a fantastic way to gauge buyer interest, line up potential buyers in advance, and raise awareness in a classy teaser ad that invites them in.
Giving your potential client a sneak peek of what's to come creates increasing anticipation. The purpose is to entice and persuade potential buyers to come back and follow you and the project. This will ensure a successful launch when the time comes.

The "Coming Soon" listings will be launched during the 2022 Parade as a way to showcase to the public where new homes will be in the months following the 2022 Parade. These entries will be featured in both the Parade Official Guidebook (over 5,000 copies distributed locally) AND the website.

Click HERE to enter your Coming Soon entry/listing.

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